Come and Take It Productions

OCEANO: Corpus Christi

All Ages
Saturday, June 01
Doors: 6pm // Show: 6pm
$18 to $20 / Day Of : $20

Come and Take It Productions presents…


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Windy city deathcore titans Oceano awaken with their brand new studio album, ‘Ascendants’. Oceano’s evolution continues on their 4th full length venture. The band’s trademark vicious hybrid of bone-splintering brutality ascends into a new realm and reach previously undiscovered depths. Their signature sound is revitalized through guitarists Scott Smith and Michael Kasper (Carnivale/Dead To Fall) and bassist Chris Wagner (Monsters). Vocalist Adam Warren’s visceral screams and guttural onslaught are further refined and expanded with near inhuman tone. Taking steps into previously unexplored territory, 'Ascendants' is a concept album transcending the norms of most modern metal acts. Within stand out tracks “Dead planet", "Transient gateways” and “Dawn of Descent”, eerie atmospherics come to the fore. ‘Ascendants’ is Oceano’s most focused effort to date, giving the album a greater intensity and deeper sense of purpose. Rediscovering their niche, 'Ascendants' is the definitive Oceano experience. Oceano has truely experienced an awakening and with it they hold the key album to re-define their genre.
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Many bands embrace evil imagery to create a heir of "darkness" and "brutality." Countless are the band's who feign darkness and despair as it seems the more bands attempt to use it to their advantage, the more it backfires. There are bands who use evil and aggression as a facade to garner a following in their local scenes and then there are bands like A Wake in Providence, who don't simply use darkness, they redefine it. Combining marvelous metallic riffs with crushing breakdowns and shrill, sinister vocals to create an intense onslaught unlike any other band in the heavy music scene, A Wake in Providence are vile enough to make sewers look clean, and vicious enough to tear the still-beating heart out of the listener's chest. With a groundbreaking release around the corner, and the band's die-hard work ethic and dedication to their fans, A Wake in Providence are a tidal wave sure to be swallowing a venue near you soon.
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