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Friday, June 14
Doors: 7pm // Show: 7pm
$18 / Day Of : $20

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Narcotic Wasteland started as a side project Dallas Toler- Wade had been working the past few years when he was not touring or in the writing/studio mode with "Nile." "The more songs I completed for "Narcotic Wasteland," The more I wanted to put a full band lineup together," said Dallas. Toler- Wade asked longtime friend Edwin Rhone (lead guitar/vox) if he was interested, which he was. They both had played in some metal bands together in the early to mid 1990’s. Edwin had later recommended Chris ("Lutachrist") Dupre for bass/vox. Dallas stated, "Chris came in and not only knew his parts, but owned them with lots of attitude. So the only thing left was finding a drummer. After trying out several drummers from all over the states over two years, my band mate in "Nile," George Kollias, recommended Erik Schultek. Erik did not only nail the material, but fit very well to the style and sound of the music.” The band’s overall concept is very reflective of the city where Dallas, Edwin, and Chris grew up. Fayetteville, North Carolina, a military town, has a PTSD rate of up to 75% in males, and is the highest rated city in the US for Shaken Baby Syndrome. The availability of street drugs is astounding, and the ever growing epidemic of addiction to pharmaceutical drugs is an extremely toxic and unstable environment to grow up and live in. Dallas states, “Other than joining the military, there was nothing to do but work low paying jobs, do drugs, and get in trouble, but music saved us from the otherwise depressing round of existence. For Edwin, Chris, and I, there was not much of a positive outlet there other than music.” Although hard drugs and death are sort of a main topic, it’s not the only topic. We as a band, do not want too many limitations on what we write about.” “On the first album,” added Dallas, “There was a song about South Carolina’s most famous serial killer, and another song with an anti-organized religion message. Like I have said many times over the years, Iron Maiden doesn’t only write songs about iron maidens! We are in the process of finishing up our second album right now, and the topic of drug use and death is still present, but we are also branching off a bit to talk about venomous human behavior, self reflection, and big pharmaceutical companies ruining lives for big profits.” Dallas continues with one of his infamous monologues, “Musically, the band is retaining it’s already established sound while expanding into more dark, sinister, and very sad sounding passages, capturing the mental imagery of the lyrics. We like writing music that challenges us as players, but also actually means something. We want to connect to the listener as emotionally as possible, to have a release for their anger and sadness. That to us is the most important mission as songwriters for this band.” Narcotic Wasteland plans to release their second album in the spring of 2017, and plan to hit the road shortly after, or when the album is being released.
"The band consists of a handful of Texas extreme metal vets who come together to make a Christ-raping racket with hints of Behemoth and other death-heavies sprinkled over the top." – Dan Lake, Decibel Magazine Whore of Bethlehem is an extreme metal band that hails from Austin, TX. Originally formed in 2009 by Ryan Sylvie, TJ Rodriguez, and Rene Martinez, the band was established to break away from the signature brutal death metal sound of Texas with a more blackened and sinister approach. With demos and lineup changes during the years since its inception, the debut album Upon Judas' Throne was unleashed in the May of 2014 to high acclaim of metal fans all over the world. After the album's release the band went through some final lineup changes as they built a solid Texas fan base and performance momentum doing domestic tours and sharing the stage with various touring touring acts: Devourment, Skinned, Suffocation, Defeated Sanity, Disgorge, Soreption, Morbid Angel, Jungle Rot, Inquisition, Marduk, Abysmal Dawn, Necronomicon, Septic Flesh, Exhumed, Nile, Arch Goat, and many more. Whore of Bethlehem is preparing for its sophomore release Extinguish the Light in the Summer of 2017, and more tour dates and upcoming festivals outside of Texas.
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